Pherna Archipelago

The archipelago is made up of 28 islands of various sizes, ranging from a few hundred feet across to several miles across. The most pronounced feature of the archipelago is the water that runs from island to island, beginning with the highest island, and smallest, in the chain refered to as The Source. The denizens of the Pherna Archipelago insist it is the water that flows between the islands that binds them together.

From top to bottom the Islands are

  1. The Source
  2. The Arcanum
  3. Kingsland
  4. The Hole
  5. The Preserve
  6. Centerville
  7. Market
  8. Bottom
  9. The End

There are three seperate Noble Houses that reside over the Pherna Archipelago. House Shidreth currently lead by Lady Elyssa Shidreth resides in Kingsland and oversees Kingsland, the Arcanum, and the Hole. House Ordreth has its center of power in Centerville and is lead by Lord Raulph Ordreth. House Orden also holds influence over Market. Bottom is overseen by the twins Meredith and Nicolette of House Lorenth.

Pherna Archipelago

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